Car tuning has been more than a hobby but a way of life for some people, car salvage hitting an all-time high. For those of us who have no idea what tuned cars are, think of the movie "Fast and the Furious". The idea is to take a regular car and modify it to make it something special. It can be simply changing parts to have better fuel economy. Though many tuned cars are so changed they barely resemble the carol nash insurance car they started out as.

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The idea of car tuning is to improve performance and handling of the car to suit a specific driving style. This may involve installing new turbochargers. Modifying a car's engine cooling unit is common as well. Though some people have ripped out the entire engine and installed a more powerful engine. Changing up the suspension will change how a car handles. Often springs, shock absorbers, and sway bars will be modified. Using shorter springs give the car a lower look but also lowers the center of gravity. With shorter it is important to also change to shorter internals to stop from bottoming out. Going with stiffer shock absorbers improves the dynamic weight shifting when cornering. Stiffer sway bard improves handling response as well as freelander td4 tuning.

However car tuning modifications don't end with just improving the performance and handling of a car. Just watch the show "Pimp my Ride" to see what can be done to a car. They tuned cars that should not have even been on the road and created high performance works of art. Let's say you have an Audi you want to tune. What is involved in land rover freelander tuning, Alive tuning and Ecu remapping?

It is going to depend on what you want done. An Audi is a popular car to tune. Audi tuning to get a good power range can be done quickly and at a lower cost than some other cars. Depending on the year of your Audi parts are usually quick and easy to acquire. When tuning your Audi you will want to work on the engine and suspension for a better ride. However there is nothing stopping you from tuning the body, interior and even the audio system to create your dream car. Range rover remapping can involve how it runs to how it looks and everything in between.